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SpArc Rocks: Virtual Class Edition

SpArc Services has ramped up its remote services to a full-day program of exciting activities from 10am - 4 pm, Monday through Friday. 

Led by SpArc Services staff members, the schedule is jam-packed full of engaging classes. 

Classes include the following: 

  • Around the World: Learning about other cultures. Most recently, we visited Costa Rica!
  • Music Appreciation!
  • Art Class!
  • Game Show Hour!
  • SpArc Cafe: Eating lunch together and chit-chatting like normal!
  • Ted Talk: Watching an educational video, and then having a discussion about it!
  • Employment! 
  • Social Skills Activity!
  • Virtual Trip: Touring interesting locations through video and guides. Recently we visited Redwood Forest and learned about the history and the trees. We’ve also toured the volcanoes of Iceland and learned about the space program at NASA!
  • Karaoke!

Programming is accessible through a video-enabled device, like a tablet, webcam, laptop, or phone. 

For more information about this service, please contact Kathleen Nace, Director of Cultural Arts at

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