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75 Standout SpArc Stories text written on a gradient of orange and pink with gray abstract geometric houses and the SpArc Philadelphia 75th anniversary logo on it.

The 75 Standout Stories take a look at programs and services offered and the people behind them, they look at the partnerships that we have formed, the moments we have celebrated, and most importantly, the positive impacts that have been realized for individuals with disabilities. 

We hope that you will enjoy reading them, and taking a look inside some of the many moments, partnerships, and people who have helped to build the organization into what it is today.

Happy Reading!

Click the images below to read the stories!

The SpArc Philadelphia family of organizations, including The Arc of Philadelphia and SpArc Services, continues to build on our vibrant legacy, offering support and services that help ensure that individuals have access to resources and quality programming. We encourage inclusion in the community, and help people reach their personal development goals.

We will continue to do this until every person is fully valued and included in their community.


Neurodiversity in the Workplace Partner Organizations