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Liberty Resources Housing 
Service Description:  Housing Counselors provide a variety of services to low and moderate income residents of Philadelphia. Contracted by the City of Philadelphia Office of Housing and Community Development and the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, there are a variety of services available through housing counselors.


PA Housing Finance Agency
Service Description:  The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency works to provide affordable homeownership and rental apartment options for older adults, low- and moderate-income families, and people with special housing needs. Through its carefully managed mortgage programs and investments in multifamily housing developments, as well as funding provided for community development projects, PHFA also promotes economic development across the state.


Salvation Army Supportive Housing - Reed House and Shelter Plus Care
Service Description:  The Salvation Army of Greater Philadelphia provides housing and supportive services for women and men with any combination of physical, mental health and drug/alcohol disabilities.

Residents who call The Salvation Army supportive housing programs home have experienced bouts of homelessness related to their disabilities and struggle day to day with multiple challenges that hinder their independence, such as lack of income, education and other resources.


Kencrest Housing 
Service Description:  KenCrest provides Supported Independent Living services to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities who desire to live on their own or with others of their choosing in the community of their choice. Participants may own or rent their own home, and KenCrest will help individuals with choosing the best housing option for them. 


Merakey Housing
Service Description:  Specialized Residential Homes are designed to meet the complex needs of people with very specialized physical and behavioral health issues, including dementia, autism, dual diagnoses, and problematic sexual behaviors.


Self-Determination Housing of PA 
Service Description:  SDHP is a statewide organization that advocates for accessible, affordable, and integrated housing opportunities for individuals with disabilities throughout the Commonwealth. We leverage our collective knowledge to connect stakeholders with information and resources to increase choice and affordability in housing for people with disabilities, so that a person’s disability, or wealth, is never a barrier for accessing a home that is properly configured for their enjoyment and personal comfort.


Philadelphia Housing Authority
Service Description:  PHA provides safe and decent affordable housing for low-income residents in Philadelphia. We offer two main housing programs: the Housing Choice Voucher Program and Public Housing.


Fair Housing Community 
Service Description:  The Fair Housing Commission enforces the Philadelphia Fair Housing Ordinance, Chapter 9-800 of the Philadelphia Code. The law prohibits certain unfair rental practices by landlords against tenants. It also gives the Commission the authority to address unsafe and unhealthy conditions in rental property.

Service Description: Income restricted housing