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"Because of the advocacy efforts on behalf of my daughter, I finally feel like she's being instructed while she's at school. The advocate assigned to our case was responsive and a pleasure to work with. She kept us well-informed and up to date on next steps during the process and her extensive knowledge made us feel confident with every transition. So grateful."


What is Child Advocacy at The Arc of Philadelphia? Child advocacy is a person or organization that speaks out on the best interests of children.  We seek to protect childrens' rights in a variety of capacities and specialties in order to create change.

For Whom: We serve non-school age children and school-age children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their parents.

What We Will Do: The role of the advocate is to represent the child and their parent(s) in any meeting with school or agency personnel with the goal of  obtaining supportive services for the child.  This is accomplished by reviewing records and academic progress, performing observations, and counseling the child and the family as appropriate.

Examples: Assist with identifying areas of need by reviewing records such as evaluation reports and individual education plans (IEP) for proper IEP implementation.  Provide advocacy services on issues including, but not limited to, transportation, mediation hearings, truancy etc.

Intake Line 
Lisa Johnson 
Advocacy Coordinator
215-229-4550, ext. 130